Wealth Protection

The goal is to protect your wealth first before we start creating your wealth. When the unexpected hits, you will be able to maintain your current lifestyle and provide for your family as usual.

Protecting your Income

Have you thought of what your future would look like if you lost your income today?

Your ability to earn an income is your biggest financial asset - protect it. Your income determines your lifestyle, your future and your children's future. 

Have you considered what would happen in the event that you become disabled or get a severe illness?

All those years spent studying and educating yourself in order to earn an income, nullified because of bad luck. Don't let that happen. Insure what you cannot afford to lose. Insure your health and income. Take care of yourself and the people you might affect by losing your income.

Protecting your Dependents

Would your family be able to maintain their current lifestyle if something happens to you today?

If you are the breadwinner of your household or the one your family depends on financially then you need to ensure that they will be able to look after themselves if something were to happen to you.

Life Cover is the solution. The purpose of a life cover policy is to provide your dependents with sufficient funds to continue their lifestyle should you pass away. The amount of life cover you require is dependent on the amount of debt you have and the income your family would require to continue their lifestyle.

A third option to take out life cover is because off your age and health. We all aspire to buy our own house one day. In order to do that the bank will ask you to take out life cover. By taking out life cover at a young and healthy age will allow more cover at affordable rates.

Protecting your Children's Education

Our children's education is a high priority. Is that covered if something were to happen to you?

We all want to do the best for our children and providing them with a good education sits at the very top of the list. 

Should death or disability come your way before your children have completed their studies, would their education be halted due to financial constraints? 

With an Education Protector policy, all education costs for your children will be covered in the event of your death or disability.

Retrenchment Protector

Have you made provision for that unpleasant note on your desk or the uncomfortable call from your employer?

Retrenchment is a reality in our economic climate, with thousands of individuals being retrenched every month.

Being retrenched is emotionally challenging and the prospects of finding a new job sometimes feels completely out of reach. At the same time, maintaining your lifestyle by paying loans and living expenses would put tremendous pressure on you if you have no income.

A Retrenchment Protector policy will provide you with an income for six months in the event that you are retrenched.

Medical Gap Cover

Have you made sure you are covered for specialist charges well above medical aid rate?

It has become common for medical specialists to charge fees that are well above the medical aid rate. When this occurs, a self-payment gap is created which you become liable for. These self-payment gaps can be very costly at times.

There remains a low level of awareness among the public as to the extent of this risk exposure. Do not be fooled by the mistaken belief that all medical aids provide complete cover for all in-hospital doctor and specialist charges.

The reality is that medical aids only provide funding up to the medical scheme's own pre-determined rate, known as the medical scheme tariff (MST). And because doctors and specialists are free to set their own charges, the MST is sometimes only a fraction of the actual charges.

Gap Cover protects you from this unforeseen cost by covering the costs of a self-payment gap.

Drawing up a Will

Will your dependents know exactly what needs to happen with your estate?

If you have dependents or minor children then it is vital that you have a will in place. 

The benefits may not be apparent but having an appropriately structured will can make your family's life immensely easier in the event something happens to you.

In addition, a significant amount of tax can be saved if the will is properly structured and most importantly, a will can ensure that your children's education costs and financial future will be looked after.